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Friday Sales

Mixed Bag Fundraiser
Kinder Meet & Greet Yearbook
Teacher Breakfast Kinder Tea
1st Day Coffee Innisbrook Fundraiser
Box Tops Dr. Suess Day
Back To School Night Teacher Appreciation
Ice Cream Social CST Testing
Signature Sales Arcade Day
Membership Drive Multi-Cultural Week
WHES Tour Uniform Sales
Back To School Picnic Condor Store
Harvest Festival Morning Valet
Red Ribbon Day Yard/Lunch/Line
Jump Rope For Heart Monday Marquee
Parent Center Classroom Parents
Book Fair Tuesday Parents
Just Volunteer

FRIDAY SALES Have 30 minutes on Fridays at 2:34pm? If so, help sell healthy snacks to ensure good eating habits for our kids.

Help ease the fear of our new Kinders and their family at our unique meet and greet. This event takes place before the 1st Day of School and is a great way to show them our school spirit. Snacks, tours and the Principal, PTA/Booster Executive members, and volunteers round-off this great event. (Sept)

Get the Teachers excited about the new school year with a healthy breakfast and a time to get reaquanted and settled in. (Sept)

Help fill the Parent Center with coffee and yummy snacks to welcome everyone back to WHES. This is the perfect time to meet new friends, learn something you didn’t know or just relax with a warm cup of coffee knowing that you child is safe and happy at WHES. (Sept)

Help collect Box Tops for Education from classrooms and the office once a month and then hang with the Monday Parents as you sort them into 50. BT4E provides fun activity sheets that you can also give the kids. Send them off to BT4E twice a year and watch our earning sore. Each box top is worth 10¢. (due Oct/Feb)

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT (New For Fall 2010)
Celebrate the new school year by thanking parents and kids at the same time. This event we will introduce our families and kids to each other, the teachers, our upcoming fundraising events, and volunteer options. Prizes and one-of-a-kind artwork for participation and donations. (Sept)

A great event melt those volunteering cold feet. It’s fun and easy. Grab a few volunteers, pick your favorite ice cream flavors and toppings, set-up a few tables and serve ice cream. (Sept)

Wrapping Paper and other fun items will be sold during this fundraiser. With 50% of the sales going to directly to the school it a great way to kick off our year. Believe it or not the orders come all boxed for each student, it’s a great way to start your volunteer career. At the end you’ll celebrate with your big sellers at an event hosted by Signature.

MEMBERSHIP DRIVE Work with the Presidents for both to get 100% membership participation. Membership includes medical and dental benifits plus t-shirts, yearbooks, and more.

WHES TOUR Help give a tour every 8 weeks and let everyone know why you love WHES (don’t worry we’ll teach you everything you need to know). (1st Thurs of Month)

BACK TO SCHOOL PICNIC (New for Fall 2010) Help organize this new community event. Gather the families from WHES to bring a picnic lunch to Westchester Park on a Sunday and we’ll provide the bouncer and games. Another great way to get everyone to know each other.

LIBRARY ASSISTANT Help keep the library organized and assist students in locating books.z

RED RIBBON DAY Help the kids as they say no to drugs, alcohol and tobacco. WIth directly with the Teachers on this Nation wide positive event. (Oct)

JUMP ROPE FOR HEAR Help the kids and teachers by jumping rope, raising money or just getting them water. This day-long Nationwide jumpathon raises lboth money and awareness for the American Cancer Society.

PARENT CENTER / MONDAY PARENTKeep the Parent Center (Rm 25) organized and welcoming, stocked with coffee and supplies plus be part of the Monday Parents (Have mornings free, meet in the PC Monday mornings after 2nd bell (8:15) for a cup coffee, coco or tea and help get things done. From stuffing Wednesday folders, to counting box tops, sorting fundraising product or sharpening pencils, it all makes a difference.

FALL/SPRING BOOK FAIRS Help the Chairperson and the Library Committee to promote and organize the publicity, volunteers, and on-site operations for the week-long Book Fairs accompanied by Family Fun Night activities. (Nov/Mar)

REFLECTIONS Hep promote, oversee and organize the National PTA arts recognition and achievement program which provides opportunities for students to express themselves creatively and to receive positive recognition; distribution information and collect artwork for submission.

JAZZ FESTIVAL (New For Fall 2010) Help the Teacher Chairperson and Director to organize this first time event. Event is slated to be an evening of Jazz, great food, great friends and a silent auction at an off-school location (upscale restaurant gift certicates have already been donated). Organization of site location, tickets, invites, auction donations and volunteers will wrap-up these duties. (TBD)

YEARBOOK Work with the Editor to organize yearbook from grade level photos to candids, take photos, sell ads, and create fun kid focused pages. Have extra time, maybe form a yearbook committee with the students.

KINDER TEA Assist wirh introducing potential Kinders and parents to WHES at this 1st look at our school. Includes snacks, tours, Principal Q&A, and lots more, a great event for a great future at WHES. (Mar)

SEE'S CANDY See's Candybasically sells itself, we just need you to help pick-up and organize the orders. Then assist in hosting the part for the top sellers.

DR. SUESS Celebrate the man who brought you Cat In The Hat and your other childhood favorites by taking the time to read to a class, dress up like your favorite character, make posters, or just come to help in the classroom. Your participation is always welcomed no matter how big or small.

TEACHER APPRECIATION Thank the Teachers with a week-long celebration. Includes pep rally, teacher gift and lunch. (May)

Help set-up and clean-up breakfast for our teachers as they prep 2 weeks of state-wide testing. This testing is curcial to our API score and our school wide Funding. The higher the score the more funds we receive. (May)

ARCADE DAY ACTIVEegamerS will provide the staff and equipment and you supply help with the flyers, pre-sales, and pizza. (Goal is to fund Multi-Cultural Festival with the profits) (May)

MULTI-CULTURAL Help the Teachers and Chairperson to provide a week-long school wide educational event. The possibilities are endless with food tasting, décor, auctions, take this event and run with it. Whatever profit you can bring in will be welcome. (June)

UNIFORM SALES (New For Spring 2011) Earn the school some money for Field Trips and Physical Education all while saving parents money with a Gently Used Uniform Sale. Use the Parent Center to Collect Uniforms, then host the Uniform Sale during our June PTA/Booster Meeting. (June)

CONDOR STORE Be greeted with huge smiles from the kids when you donate fun toys for the kids to buy with their Condor Coupons or Man the Store monthly.

MORNING VALET SERVICE Ensure students get to school safely by helping them out of their cars, plus keep traffic moving for a smooth drop-off. Mornings between 7:40-8:25 (40 minutes per service) (8 -10+ volunteers needed)

YARD/LUNCH/LINE SUPERVISORS Do you have 40 minutes a day? Help keep the kids happy, organized and safe. Become a yard, lunch or line supervisor. Commit to once a week, once a month, every little bit helps. (10-15+ volunteers needed)

PARENT CENTER/MONDAY PARENT Keep the Parent Center (Rm 25) organized and welcoming, stocked with coffee and supplies plus be part of the Monday Parents (Have mornings free, meet in the PC every Monday morning after 2nd bell (8:15) for a cup coffee, coco or tea and help get things done. From stuffing Wednesday folders, to counting box tops, sorting fundraising product or sharpening pencils, it all makes a difference.

MONDAY MARQUEE Help keep parents informed by updating the 79th St. Marquee.

CLASSROOM PARENT Help out an hour or two a week in your child’s classroom.

JUST VOLUNTEER Don’t know what you want to do, but know you want to do it? Sign up here and we’ll have the Directors and Chairpersons contact you when we just need a hand.


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